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“don’t ever underestimate jenn-rod artists”
jenn-rod artist directions, established 1991 by Rod
and Jennifer Harris. Business concept: We believe
integrity and quality must be first and foremost in our
business and everyday life. We believe in the artists we
represent as  people first and talent  second.  We believe
in planning, persistence and hard work.     
Singer, Songwriter Hanna Rose and
Rod Harris at the Blooming Arts
Festival, Tennessee
Singer/Comedian/Impressionist Johnny Counterfeit, Comedian/Actor
Bill Dana, and Comedian/actor/entertainment executive Rod Harris.
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Jennifer (Dreyer) Harris and Rod
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Rod has earned the NATD
Perfect Attendance Award
for 200 meetings,
2007 recipient of the NATD
2002 NATD IRON MAN Award
An M&M sandwich panic or
 Moore and Moore
The Explosive Nitro Duo pulled
their longtime friend Rod from
the crowd to help with their
delightful rendition of "You
Ain't Woman Enuff"
The late June Carter Cash and
Jennifer Harris, Jennifer is a
classical pianist and organist, she
is also a studio musician.
Dean Miller (Son of the late great
Roger Miller),  Rod Harris,  Artist /
Sculptor Bill Rains and their good
friend the late legendary Billy
Deaton back stage at the Grand Ole
A proud member

Nashville Association of Talent Directors
Rod and Joe Nichols at Buck Owens
Crystal Palace, Bakersfield, CA.
The unveiling  ceremony of Bill
Rains Bronze Country Legends,
Garth Brooks, George Jones, Merle
Haggert, Johnny Cash, Hank
Williams SR, Buck Owens, George
Strait, Bob Wills.
Photo by Lynnette Baisch
Photo by Lynnette Baisch
NATD ICON Award given to George "Goober" Lindsey...
NATD President/Host Rod Harris, the late George Lindsey and
special guest presenter Grammy Award winner Ray Stevens ...
October 2007
photo by  Dan Helland ... Nashville
Professor and The Bull
Rod with his friend The late Great George Hamilton IV at his 50th
year Opry celebration party hosted by David McCormick at the
Ernest Tubb Record shop... 2010.
Jennifer at the helm of SeaDora
on the Tennessee River near
Pilot Knob near where Calvary
General Nathanial Bedford
Forrest captured Federal gun
boats during the Civil War.
Unique is an understatement, sensational is an
overstatement (
for now)! Professor and The Bull are
musically entertaining. They will take you on a musical
vacation trip of your lifetime…  
First full CD "AMERICAN" mid-March release date
MAGIC QUILT is the current single at Radio
across the country. Request "MAGIC QUILT" at your
favorite radio station.