Celebrating the 80th Birthday of the Grand Ole Opry... The unveiling of  the Minnie Pearl bronze statue sculpted by Bill Rains
of Billings, Montana, project developed by Rod Harris Centerville, Tennessee. From left to right  Grand Ole Opry Manager Pete
Fisher, Minnie, Sculptor Bill Rains, Rod Harris and Opry Star Steve Wariner, Saturday October 15th 2005. Statue commissioned by
Rod and Jennifer Harris Centerville, Tennessee.  Photo by Chris Hollo used with permission.

On October 26, 2005 the bronze likeness was placed on Centerville Square which was by contract agreed to be a permanent site not
to be removed. The site was approved unanimously by the  Board of Aldermen.
(In 2009 Centerville Officials breeched the contractual agreement causing the removal by Rod Harris) The Centerville Board of
Mayor and Aldermen reviewed an opinion from its attorney, who advised that the terms of the placement agreement did not allow
them to move the statue. After discussion, the board voted 10-0 to "proceed with plans to revitalize the Square," as previously
approved, "and move it!". A flagrant  breech of contract by the Centerville Board of Aldermen and Mayor against the advice of the

March, 2011 the Minnie Pearl Bronze fifteen percent larger than life Statue was relocated from The Grinder's Switch Winery  
www.gswinery.com   in Centerville to Murray State University, Murray Ky. The7-Foot-Tall work of art is on Exhibit At Wrather
West Kentucky Museum on the campus of MSU. Kate Reeves, manager at Wrather Museum, told a reporter she has always been a
Minnie Pearl fan "and am happy for people around here to get to see it." The statue is in the main exhibit room at the museum,
which also currently houses a photography exhibit from the Tennessee Valley Authority and recently added  the Dan Helland
Celebrity Photo Exhibit .

March, 2013(NOTE THE ART HAS BEEN MOVED TO The Commodore Hotel / Café, Linden, TN)

FYI: As a matter of fact during this entire situation no city official has called and asked to talk. ( We only have five phone
numbers) Early on when I read in the Hickman Times that there were plans to move her I called  Mayor Martian and reminded him
of the contract... he said there wasn't one in his possession... I knew he had been given a copy and we filed a copy with his office and
the business office had a copy...  So I called my attorney and he said to take him one.... I did... Anyway there was a lot of crap back
and forth--no sincerity shown on the part of the city...that is the first time they voted her off the site and stated in a press release
either Rod Harris move her or they would.  I took a crew in and removed her!

Got an e-mail in the US-Mail from the new mayor, I answered him by e-mail and told him my attorney was handling the thing at
that time...some back and forth between the city attorney and ours... My attorney suggested we find out if they were sincere about
wanting her back and I said how? That is where the $10,000 came into play as an attorney fee. In my business if a fee is too high we
ask to negotiate; our thinking was if they really wanted her back they would ask to sit down and talk about it. That did not happen
and instead they had a city hall meeting and again voted 10 - 0 to let it go. Sometime at that  point they decided to try and raise
funds for another statue, not good business practice to mis-handle a good deal and then ask for money to make another!
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